Car Simulator 2
Car Simulator 2

Car Simulator 2

Сar driving - play online with players from all over the world! (ver 1.46.5)

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4.5 ( 222 ratings )
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Name Car Simulator 2
Publisher OppanaGames FZC LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 432 MB
Version 1.46.5
Update May 3, 2023
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Car Simulator 2 is the most famous version in the Car Simulator 2 series of publisher OppanaGames FZC LLC
Mod Version 1.46.5
Total installs 50,000,000

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In recent years, the world of gaming has witnessed tremendous advancements, particularly in the realm of simulation games. Car Simulator 2, developed by Oppana Games, stands as a prime example of the immersive and realistic experiences that these games offer. This driving simulator game provides players with a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of driving various vehicles in stunning virtual environments. From the detailed car models to the intricately designed open-world landscapes, Car Simulator 2 offers an engaging and authentic driving experience.


Car Simulator 2 puts players behind the wheel of a diverse range of vehicles, including sports cars, off-road vehicles, and even city buses. The game offers a wide selection of meticulously designed cars, each with its own unique handling characteristics and performance attributes. Players can take these vehicles for a spin across vast and visually appealing environments, ranging from sprawling cityscapes to scenic countryside roads.

The game provides multiple gameplay modes to cater to different preferences. Whether you enjoy cruising around the city, participating in thrilling races, or completing challenging missions, Car Simulator 2 has something for everyone. The career mode allows players to progress through various missions and objectives, unlocking new cars and content as they advance. The multiplayer mode enables interaction and competition with other players from around the world, adding an element of social engagement to the experience.


  1. Realistic Graphics and Physics: Car Simulator 2 boasts impressive graphics that bring the virtual world to life. The attention to detail in the car models, as well as the vibrant environments, enhances the overall visual experience. Moreover, the game incorporates realistic physics, which accurately simulate the movement and handling of each vehicle. From acceleration and braking to cornering and suspension, the physics engine adds to the authenticity of the driving experience.
  2. Extensive Car Customization: The game allows players to personalize their vehicles to suit their preferences. With an extensive range of customization options, players can modify their cars’ appearance by changing colors, adding decals, and applying various accessories. Additionally, they can upgrade their vehicles’ performance by enhancing the engine, brakes, suspension, and other components. This customization aspect adds depth to the gameplay and enables players to create unique and personalized driving machines.
  3. Open-World Environments: Car Simulator 2 offers players the freedom to explore vast open-world environments. From busy city streets to quiet countryside roads, the game provides a diverse range of landscapes to traverse. The environments are richly detailed, featuring realistic traffic patterns, weather conditions, and day-night cycles. This level of immersion contributes to a more engaging and authentic driving experience.
  4. Realistic Traffic System: In Car Simulator 2, the developers have incorporated a realistic traffic system, mimicking real-world driving conditions. The AI-controlled vehicles follow traffic rules, respond to traffic signals, and exhibit realistic behavior, creating a dynamic and lifelike environment. This attention to detail enhances the overall immersion and challenge of navigating through the game’s virtual cities.
  5. Social Interaction: The multiplayer mode in Car Simulator 2 enables players to connect with friends or compete against other players worldwide. Whether it’s racing against each other or simply exploring the open world together, the multiplayer feature adds a social element to the game. The ability to chat and interact with other players fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among virtual drivers.


Car Simulator 2 stands out as a top-notch driving simulator game that offers an immersive and realistic experience for virtual car enthusiasts. With its stunning graphics, detailed car models, and vast open-world environments, the game captures the thrill of driving in a virtual setting. Whether you’re a fan of racing, exploring, or completing challenging missions, Car Simulator 2 delivers a wide range of gameplay options to cater to your preferences.

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